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The Second Truth


There are two truths.

There is this one:

A mango banana smoothie.

A mild blue-sky day with a gentle breeze.

A floral summer skirt.

A table in the sunshine, where I work on the edits of my book and feel pleasure and pride.


And there is this one:

A crushing weight on my chest.

A darkness and despair within.

A sharp twist of pain.

A table in the sunshine, where I work on the edits of my book and feel hollow and fake.


Sometimes self-loathing lurks in the corners, slouching, watching, waiting. And sometimes it creeps up on you, climbs up your back, settles on your shoulders, presses down.

Sometimes you can shake it off. Clear your mind. Accept the first truth. Enjoy the sunshine.

Other times, it won’t loosen its grip and the second truth overcomes you. Blocks out the sun.

Today it’s the second truth.

But perhaps tomorrow, it will be the first again.



  1. Ms Cocktails

    Beautiful girl , the sunshine is within you, I see it when you smile.

    1. Nicola Moriarty Author

      You are kind and lovely and that is such a gorgeous thing to say, THANK YOU!

  2. Someone who spent too much time in philosophy @ uni

    At the risk of sounding nerdy, I’d like to point out the differences between your so called truths.

    Your first truth is 75% objective.
    Your second truth is almost 75% subjective.
    (Yes, I actually did the math – that’s the nerdy bit)

    The fact is both are truths to you. But on the days when the second truth hits, rest fully in the logic that the only thing that is actually objective (and therefore *really* true) about your second truth is the sunshine, the table, you working on your book, and the fact that you *feel*.

    The rest is your mind being a bloody pain in the arse. Drink that damn mango smoothie and enjoy the fricken sunshine. You know you’ve earned it.

    (Thanks for being transparent and normalizing the struggle).

    1. Nicola Moriarty Author

      I love this – thank you for doing the maths 🙂

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