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Free-Falling is a beguiling tragic-romantic comedy – of heartbreak and heroism, grief and ghostly dreams…

The Fiancee

Belinda’s life is in free-fall after the sudden death of her fiancé Andy.

But then ghostly signs begin to appear which suggest he might not really be gone. And Belinda begins to tumble even further.

Will his final parting gift be enough to save her?

The Mother

Evelyn McGavin, Andy’s mum, is also struggling. She copes with her sorrow by shoplifting (once), hating Belinda (constantly) and jumping out of a plane.

In her skydiving instructor, Baz, she finds an unexpected friend. But why is he so agitated when he hears how Andy died?

Two women, united in their loss, separated by their grief. And yet still linked in a most unexpected way …


Best Australian Debut

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Praise for Free-Falling