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Sunlounger Cover Image

Sunlounger Happiness

Sunlounger Cover Image

Last year in December an email turned up in my inbox titled, ‘Invitation to join summer book project.’ It was from the fabulous and successful UK author Belinda Jones. I was immensely excited, of course I wanted to be involved – after all, I was thrilled and surprised to have even been asked!

Many months later, that nifty little book project has blossomed into an amazing 692 page e-book named ‘Sunlounger’ and features short stories from more than 40 fiction writers. It was released on the 1st of July and has already hit #1 on Amazon UK in the Women Writers & Fiction / Short Stories segment (thus allowing me – for the first time ever – to enjoy laying claim to bestseller status, even if technically my involvement in this book is only approximately 0.0227% being just one contributor out of 44! Please don’t check my maths, I don’t trust myself on the accuracy of that figure whatsoever.)

Here’s the official description of Sunlounger …

“Take a trip around the world with 44 of the hottest writers in Women’s Fiction!This collection of sun-kissed short stories will have you boarding a millionaire’s yacht in St Tropez, exploring a sheik’s palace in Dubai, swimming with dolphins in Australia, partying in Ibiza, surfing in Hawaii, exploring ancient ruins in Turkey and Cambodia and sipping Limoncello in Italy!Whether you read it on your favourite beach (Sunlounger features golden sands from Greece to Thailand) or on your daily commute or coffee break you will be spirited away on a variety of adventures – some will make you chuckle, some will make your heart pang, others will inspire you to live your life to the max!”

And following are the 44 fabulous writers who are involved in Sunlounger:

Katie Agnew, Valerie-Anne Baglietto, Rosie Blake, Alexandra Brown, Laurey Buckland, Abby Clements, Miranda Dickinson, Carrie Duffy, Ilana Fox, Victoria Fox, Emma Garcia, Michele Gorman, Kirsty Greenwood, Kate Guest, Kate Harrison, Lisa Heidke, Molly Hopkins, Pernille Hughes, Margaret James, Belinda Jones, Lucy Lord, Chrissie Manby, Louise Marley, Holly Martin, Nigel May, Martel Maxwell, Roisin Meaney, Kiri Mills, Nicola Moriarty, Tamsyn Murray, Emily O’Neill, Lynda Page, Carmen Reid, Wendy Rigg, Lucy Robinson, Talli Roland, Ruth Saberton, Nancy Scrofano, Cally Taylor, Sasha Wagstaff, Anna-Lou Weatherley, Julia Williams, Lara Williamson, Tiffany Wright

There’s even a dedicated website just for Sunlounger featuring Author Interviews, a chance to win a stack of books (competition open until 1st Oct 2013), travel products, fashion tips and more! Here’s my own author page on the Sunlounger website (including a shot of me on a tractor on my parent’s friend’s farm!). My story is called ‘The Red Glove’ and the opening paragraph of my story has just been revealed on the Belinda Jones Facebook Page.

Personally, I took the release of Sunlounger as my excuse to ask my husband for a Kindle for my birthday – it would appear I’ve finally given in to the world of e-books – BUT, if you don’t have an e-reader, I believe you can just download the Kindle app from amazon. I’m reading the stories ever so slowly – limiting myself to one at a time just so that I can make it last for as long as possible!!

Sunlounger is available on right here and Amazon.UK just over here! Book Bloggers and reviewers can request a review copy by emailing the following address:



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