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Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash

On a Day

The casket was white.

The ceremony was small, simple.

She noticed birds,

As she left the church.

Two, maybe three.

Lorikeets: bright red,

Violent blue.

Their colours seemed incongruous

On a day like today.


The bride wore white.

The ceremony was small, simple.

She noticed a butterfly,

On the way to the reception.

It fluttered past,

A Blue Tiger:

Flecks of lurid colour

Clothed in black.

It seemed perfect,

On a day like today.


The casket was oak.

Her grown children,

Stood side-by-side up front –

Tears slipped from cheek to cheek.

A man in the final pew,

Touched his fingers to his lips,

When they carried her out.


The bride wore fuchsia.

She matched it with a feathered, purple hat.

Her grown children,

Stood side-by-side –

Laughter flew between them.

A man in the back row,

Averted his eyes,

When the groom stole his kiss.


The casket was much too small,

Much too small for any heart to bear.

People spilled from church doors,

Parked cars snaked around the cemetery drive.

When four men lifted the small wooden box,

A woman fell forward onto her knees

And sobbed.

Raindrops fell,

And that seemed right, for a day like today.


The bride bit her lip,

Clutched her father’s arm,

As she stepped out into the garden aisle.

Took one deep breath,

Closed her eyes, felt sunshine on her skin.

The warmth seemed right,

On a day like today.


  1. Coleen bruce

    I love your poem and novels. Please keep writing both.

  2. margaret hart

    Oh Nicola that , was beautiful brought a tear to my eyes, you are so talented , love
    your books and now your poems, love also that you once lived in Kellyville as I do xxx

    1. Nicola Moriarty Author

      Thank you so much Margaret, I’m so happy you liked it! x

  3. Jeanette Corban

    Nicola..either poem or novel ,you are a writing talent.

  4. Alison Morris


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